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CEI Calls on NBC and Chuck Todd to Stop Denying the Debate Over Climate Change – NBC rejects ads

NBC Rejects CEI’s Attempt to Place Television Ad on last Sunday’s Meet the Press

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) launched a new campaign today, taking issue with NBC’s Meet the Press hour-long special last month on climate change, which explicitly excluded guests who disagree with climate change alarmists. CEI’s campaign is centered around a full-page ad appearing in this morning’s Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and a 30-second video spot, which CEI attempted to run during Meet the Press last Sunday, January 20th.

NBC rejected the ad, which can be seen along with the full page print ad, at The ads push back on Todd and NBC’s decision to specifically exclude guests who disagree with alarmists and calls for a real and open debate about the impacts of climate alarmist policies.

“Americans of all political stripes tune into NBC’s Meet the Press with the expectation that the great political issues of the day will be debated vigorously by guests representing a full range of viewpoints. And given that Meet the Press’s own website touts that it is ‘[a]cclaimed by conservatives and liberals,’ it is very disappointing they choose to deny their audience a full range of views. Barring climate policy realists, whose positions are based in real-world scientific data, limits discussion to preapproved outcomes and forecloses innovative policy solutions,” said CEI President Kent Lassman. “NBC has made it perfectly clear they have no interest in hosting an open debate on climate change or policy alternatives for the environment, as evidenced by their decision to reject both guests on-air and paid ads during the program to give expert views shared by millions of Americans.”

The ads will run digitally on select websites and social media starting the week of January 22nd.

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For decades NBC’s Meet the Press was the gold standard for balanced political debate and commentary.

Not anymore.


Video of Chuck Todd/Meet the Press, 12/30/18


Chuck Todd & NBC’s Meet the Press

Banning Real Debate

Silencing Dissent

Promoting Climate Alarmists



Chuck Todd and Meet the Press are banning climate views that are based on real-world scientific data.


Instead promoting only alarmists who generate fear to push for higher taxes and energy rationing.


Chuck Todd & NBC’s Meet the Press

Stop Denying the Real Climate Debate Learn more at




Americans deserve an open debate on climate change.

Chuck Todd and NBC’s Meet the Press: Stop Denying the REAL Climate Debate.