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Pielke and Lomborg accused of ‘fact mongering’ Pielke and Lomborg accused of “fact mongering”  Here’s a remarkable example of the post-truthiness of some elements of contemporary academia. A magazine called Issues in Science and Technology has published an article Fear Mongering & Fact Mongering, by Adam Briggle, a philosopher at a third-rate institution called the University of North Texas. The article starts by […]

New Reporting Sheds Light On Who Is Funding The Group Behind the Push for the Green New Deal New Reporting Sheds Light On Who Is Funding Sunrise BY ELENA CONNOLLY The foundations funding the national litigation effort against energy companies are the same donors supporting the Sunrise Movement, the upstart group behind the recent push for the Green New Deal, according to reporting by Inside Philanthropy. A recent profile of Sunrise shows […]

Study claim: ‘Climate change’ causing bird fights & ‘fatal conflicts’ – The ‘pied flycatchers’ vs. the ‘great tits’ – ‘Conflict over nesting sites’ For these birds, climate change spells a rise in fatal conflicts Date: January 10, 2019 Source: Cell Press Summary: Researchers have found yet another way in which climate change has been detrimental to migrating birds. As European winters have become warmer, pied flycatchers traveling from Africa to reach breeding grounds in the Netherlands are […]

Climate scientist retires, then declares ‘I am a skeptic’ – Offers to debate – Rejects ‘denier’ label: ‘We don’t live in medieval times’ The overblown and misleading issue of global warming By Anastasios Tsonis – January 2, 2019 Very often, when I talk to the public or the media about global warming (a low-frequency positive trend in global temperature in the last 120 years or so), they ask me the unfortunate question if I “believe” in global warming. […]