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Arctic Ice Volume Shames Climate Experts …Antarctic Stations Show Cooling, Not Warming

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By Kirye in Tokyo

We constantly hear from the untrustworthy media how polar ice is melting rapidly – due to human-induced global warming.

But when we look at the real data, we understand why audiences worldwide increasing distrust the mainstream media and their constant stream of doomsday reports, which they uncritically produce.

Recently I looked at some island stations near Antarctic, a continent where we are told melting ice will lead to many meters of sea level rise if we continue emitting CO2 into the atmosphere business as usual. These stations I examined are:

– Base Arturo P
– Bellingshause
– Centro Met.An, Marsh
– Base Orcadas
– Great Wall
– Jubany

They are shown on the map below:

These six stations in the South Shetland Islands or the South Orkney Islands (located in the Antarctic Ocean) have even seen a slight cooling trend for decades.

The temperatures at the six stations, which are not subjected to any urban heat island effects and located in the middle of the natural elements, are plotted below and show no warming at all. Instead we see a bit of overall cooling:

Chart: Kirye.

At Bernado O’Higgins, Antarctica, the mean temperature from September to November 2018 was -2.77 ℃. There’s been no warming trend from 1963 to 2018 for September to November.

Chart: Kirye. Data source here.

Looking at the rest of Antarctica, not a single of the following stations shows a warming trend over the past decades:

These stations have not seen any warming over the past decades. See charts and data sources here.

The Arctic surprises, shames alarmists

At the other end of the earth at the North Pole, Arctic sea ice has not been cooperating at all with the doomsday scenarios of the global warming alarmists. Some of them said it should have gone ice-free in late summer by now.

A recent chart shows that late summer Arctic sea ice volume has GROWN over the past 12 years, and not plummeted as the alarmists once warned:

Predictions totally detached from reality, as real observations show.

Note how predictions made back in 2007 by “leading experts” were completely wrong, and sea ice volume instead has been rising modestly, thus totally surprising and shaming the doomsday prophets.

Yet today the media as a whole continue to lend credibility to these totally failed experts. Is it only natural that citizens are distrustful and regard much climate reporting as “fake news”?

In summary: the polar ice has been holding up well for more than 10 years. The earlier predictions are totally wrong. And in historical context, there is more ice today at the poles than at most times over the past 10,000 years.

Pierre Gosselin contributed to this article as well. Follow Kirye at Twitter here.