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Call for ‘Climate Passports’ for refugees from ‘global warming’ at UN summit


A climate researcher proposed on Thursday the establishment of a kind of ‘climate passport’, allowing people who have been driven away from their homes due to the impact of the global warming to move freely around the world.

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Climate Depot note: Schellnhuber is a long-time activist climate professor who even his fellow warmist colleagues have referred to “as a bit of a laughing stock.” 2004: Tom Wigley goes to a meeting in Japan, finds that prominent EU warmist Schellnhuber is ‘a bit of a laughing stock among these people’

Schellnhuber has called for a CO2 budget for every person on the planet from Berlin to Bejiing. See: Flashback: ALERT: German Climate Advisor ‘proposes creation of a CO2 budget for every person on planet!’ – Climate Reparations: ‘West would give back part of the wealth it has taken from the South in the past centuries’

German Elitist Schellnhuber, Unveils ‘Master Plan” For The ‘Great Transformation’ Of GLOBAL Society. Call For ‘Bonus-Malus Solutions’

Schellnhuber has also been an advisor to Pope Francis. See: Special Report: ‘Unholy Alliance’ – Exposing The Radicals Advising Pope Francis on Climate

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who has called for the “creation of a CO2 budget for every person on the planet,” was appointed a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in June 2015 and was one of the four presenters of Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment. Schellnhuber was also a key player at the Vatican climate presentation in 2014.

Schellnhuber is an atheist who believes in “Gaia, but not in God.”  In 2015, Schellnhuber boasted about having climate skeptics excluded from participating in drafting the Pope’s climate encyclical.  The April 2015 Vatican climate summit in Rome banned a skeptical French scientist from attending because the organizers reportedly “did not want to hear an off note” during the summit.

Another German Will ‘Unveil A Master Plan For A Transformation Of Society’ — Climate advisor Hans Schellnhuber declares human society needs to be managed by elite group of ‘wise men’

Schellnhuber is a scientific activist who is mocked even by his fellow warmist colleagues. See: Warmist Ray Bradley trashes prominent warmist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber for “spouting bullsh*t”; Phil Jones says, “We all agree on that.”

At a meeting in Japan in 2004, Scientist Tom Wigley found prominent EU warmist Schellnhuber to be “a bit of a laughing stock among these people.”

Schellnhuber has also declared human society needs to be managed by an elite group of “wise men.”  He referred to this idea as his “master plan” for the “great transformation” of global society.

Schellnhuber’s views on population also are at odds with Catholic teachings. Echoing the claims of overpopulation guru Paul Ehrlich, he has claimed that when the Earth reaches nine billion people, which is projected to occur soon, “the Earth will explode” due to resource depletion.

Schellnhuber also berates those who disagree with him, calling his critics “vicious liars” and mocking Americans as “climate illiterate” for being skeptics.

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Vatican advisor Hans Schellnhuber Boasts Of Having Skeptics Excluded From Participating In Drafting Climate Encyclical

Pope’s key science advisor Hans Schellnhuber is an atheist who believes in ‘Gaia, but not in God’