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Watch: Morano on TV from Poland: Paris climate tax riots cast ‘darkness’ on UN Climate Summit


Our friends from CFACT and Marc Morano from Climate Depot hosted a panel discussion in the nearby city of Gliwice, Wednesday night.

Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham was beamed in on Skype to rebut the so-called settled science of climate change, and Polish academics blasted the United Nations global warming wealth transfer scheme.

We were excited to attend the event, and happy to be inside for once!

After the event I had a chance to talk to Marc Morano to get his expert take on the conference in Katowice, Poland.


Auto Generated Transcript of interview:

we’re here in glove Icha Poland were
about a half an hour from the main site
in Katowice and we just finished up an
incredible presentation by our friends
at C fact mark morano’s with me Craig
Rucker was also there incredible
presentation and a pretty full room what
do you think that has to say about the
people of Poland the people there Poland
are having none of this they are doing
everything they can not to welcome the
United Nations from putting up a cold
display inside the conference centre
from not having all the little niceties
and other previous UN climate summits
have had and generally ignoring it and
as they should
80% of their energy comes from coal and
the overwhelming message from this
conference is keep it in the ground this
conference once a bury Poland
essentially economically you know that’s
true I was doing a little research
because I came across the Greenpeace
little demonstration site and their big
message here is phase out coal it’s like
going to West Virginia or to Fort
McMurray and saying phase out oil and
that’s what they’re doing here and I
think the Polish government is doing
some top-tier Trump level trolling by
budding this conference right up against
the museum to the Industrial and coal
history of the region and like you
pointed out you really can’t tell that
there’s a UN climate change conference
going on in town you and I were in
Morocco together it had a festival like
atmosphere we were in Bonn Germany and
there was lots of things that the public
could do there’s absolutely none of that
here yes in no other country has hosted
more UN climate summits this is the
third one in ten years I’ve been to all
three and the reason I think one of the
speakers here tonight said if people are
offering your money we take it they’re
trying to lure Poland in by bringing all
this economic activity the rest
instead hotels and so it’s is
unprecedented no other countries hosted
anything close to three and I think part
of it is they’re trying to bribe the
Polish government we will keep bringing
you money if you support our agenda but
it’s still not working
I think the Polish government is more
than happy to take the money but they’re
not playing the game so you know what
good for them I wanted to ask you about
your yellow vests what impact do you
think the anti carbon tax protests
happening in France right now is that
sort of a cloud that’s hanging over the
conference because as you know I can’t
go inside also I want to thank you for
having your event inside because I’ve
literally been outside finally warm yes
we welcome all yes the greater question
was about oh the carbon tax protest the
carbon tax protest it is now spreading
and there’s actually mainstream media
from The Associated Press on down are
recognizing that it’s putting a sort of
a darkness over the conference and
they’re talking about how this has to be
navigated carefully
many of these activists think they can
wait it out the problem is I think I can
only expand as they start implementing
the Paris provisions and it’s best to
call them climate taxes because people
don’t understand how this happens I
think what they’re gonna try to do is
wait it out maybe even back off a little
bit as president micron wants to do and
then eventually people will have high
energy costs and they’re not going to be
quite sure why kind of like what the
cost of a good gets expensive but you’re
not sure but I don’t know that they’ll
get away with that tactic they are gonna
they are facing rebellion throughout
Europe Brazil Australia your own Canada
and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eastern
Europe one of the leaders of this
because they have so much reliance on
fossil fuels they do not want to keep it
in the ground right and I mean Eastern
Europe is very reliant on Russia and for
their gas especially through gas prom
and it’s so funny to see policies from
the United Nation
especially with the idea of phasing out
coal well if you phase out coal you’re
immediately going to enrich Putin by
enriching gas prom and these people for
the most part are Russia deranged but
they can’t see the skip in the logic
there no they can’t they’re benefiting
Russia here
well they worry about what you know what
involvement Donald Trump campaign may or
may not have had and that’s turning into
a joke because there’s nothing to do
with Russia back home but but
interesting enough yes when it was that
what and interestingly Russia was one of
the countries that refused to sign on to
the IPCC report at this conference they
reject major countries are now rejecting
the IPCC at a UN summit this is a
wonderful development this actually goes
to Donald Trump’s brilliant diplomacy
because at some point China Russia
Brazil all these other countries are
going to say why are we in this when the
United States isn’t and that’s sort of
what Donald Trump is hoping on he’s
hoping for this breakup of this whole
process and the yellow vests and the
carbon tax protests in Canada and the
protests in Australia and the Brazilian
Foreign Minister calling this a Marxist
plot you know the climate claims the UN
this is all wonderful developments that
no one no one could have foreseen one
year ago yeah it really is incredible I
think Trump has emboldened a lot of the
Western world to stand up to the United
Nations now you touched on Brazil Brazil
is not going to be hosting next year’s
UN climate change conference they’ve
just passed away from that and I’m a
little disappointed because I do get
shut out of these things and it’s sort
of looking forward to being warm for a
week but who do you think’s gonna end up
with it is it gonna end up back in
Germany by default my hope is it doesn’t
end up anywhere in Europe but they
usually will pick what they’re most
likely doing we might actually know by
tomorrow is they’ll pick a developing
world country that needs cash and that
wants any kind of tourism so I wouldn’t
be surprised if it was another African
nation or some other South American
nation or even an Asian nation just to
bring in the money but on the other hand
they might just pick an old standby it
might be in US
or somewhere like that the UN likes to
go to the exotic locations but for
strategic reasons they’ve been keeping
it in Europe because they’re trying to
keep this coalition together and that’s
why Poland is now number three times
they’ve held it here you know I was I am
I’m hoping for somewhere warm now I
guess to wrap up our interview what do
you think is going to come from this
Climate Change Conference is it a lot
more of nothing as it just wrangling
about the Paris Accord and how to
implement it and how to make the
rebellious public accept it I expect
nothing of substance except the fact the
major countries rejected the IPCC report
there was a major darkness spread over
the conference because of the Paris
yellow vest revolt which is we’re in
solidarity with solidarity Hitler and I
think the future of America’s
involvement along with the Canadian
protests I think there’s a sense of
waiting it out at this point until the
next US election and until these Paris
protests die down and hopefully they
don’t spread along Europe the UN hopes
they don’t spread around Europe so this
is a wait-and-see conference and I think
they’re just gonna be happy that it’s
over at this point great mark thanks for
taking the time and I’m so glad your
voice held out through this interview
they’ve robbed me of my voice they
threatened me with jail for being a
denier now they’ve taken my voice I’m
sure we’ll run into you again at some
point in the conference yes thank you
we’re on the ground here in Katowice
Poland covering the 24th annual UN
climate change conference this is the
coldest of the three UN climate change
conferences that I’ve ever been to now
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