Does the United Nations serve any purpose at all if it will not guarantee the right of participants to speak undisturbed when taking part in its process?

The United Nations gave explicit permission to left-wing youth groups to disrupt a presentation by the American delegation on energy issues at COP 24, the UN conference on climate change in Katowice, Poland.

CFACT’s Marc Morano reports, “officials from the U.S. delegation told Climate Depot on Monday that the UN informed the U.S. that the environmental activists would be authorized by the UN to disrupt t

he U.S. event for at least “7 minutes” and the green protesters would be granted the floor halt the event and give speeches during the U.S. event.”

Thank you to everyone whose generous support made CFACT’s work at this year’s UN climate conference possible! Will you make a gift right now and help us make the UN proceedings fair and balanced?

The American delegation simply wanted to make a presentation on energy entitled “U.S. innovative technologies spur economic dynamism.” This is a normal way for nations and organizations to participate in the UN conference.

Marc Morano further reports:

Like clockwork, when U.S. Special Advisor the to President, P. Wells Griffith of the Energy Department was speaking, the protesters began to laugh and chant about how the Trump administration was “funny” because they did not want to keep coal, oil and gas “in the ground.”

The protesters chanted “keep it in the ground” (fossil fuel energy which accounts for over 80% of world energy) to both the Trump administration officials as well as the climate skeptics who were seated in the front row.

The UN-supported protesters verbally targeted “climate deniers” Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot and author of the new skeptical book, and CFACT’s Craig Rucker and Adam Houser as well as author and writer Rupert Darwall, all of whom were sitting in the front row.

Climate protesters yelled at the climate skeptics, calling them “deniers” and “profiteers” and they also declared that “nuclear energy is genocide.”

UN-recognized nongovernmental organizations such as CFACT, and the youth groups that interrupted the event, participate in the climate negotiating process subject to something called the UN “rules on civil society participation.” Blocking participants from speaking should not be allowed. We don’t expect CFACT would be permitted to disrupt a presentation by a national party to the conference in this way, nor would we want to.

The UN climate process should at the minimum be fair to all. Isn’t that pretty basic?