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‘Planetary crisis’ of ‘global warming’ pales to Bernie Sanders political campaigning

By Chris Woodward (

A skeptic of man-made climate change says Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is taking heat for his private flights.

Airplanes are big emitters, and emissions from fossil fuels are what people point to as a main driver of global warming. One of the people who thinks climate change is real, bad, and going to get worse if mankind does not change its ways is Senator Sanders. But according to published reports this week, he paid nearly $300,000 in October for private air travel to various campaign events for Democrats.

“If this were any other ordinary politician, I’d say it’s a well-financed campaign and there’s not necessarily any hypocrisy here,” says Marc Morano, a skeptic of catastrophic man-made climate change. “However, it’s Bernie Sanders, who wants to ban legislatively what he himself is unwilling to give up in his personal life.”

According to Fox News, a spokeswoman for Friends of Bernie Sanders says the charter jets were necessary for Sanders to get to and from the events. Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign purchased nearly $5,000 in carbon offsets to balance out the emissions produced from the travel.

Morano, Marc (Climate Depot)Still, Sanders tweeted on the campaign trail that climate change is a planetary crisis, adding, “We must take on the fossil fuel industry that’s largely responsible for global emissions and accelerate our transition toward energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources.”

To that Morano responds, “He couldn’t possibly think that climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind, as he claims, because if he did, that would be like saying, ‘I’m a vegetarian. Meat eating is horrible; it’s the most immoral thing,’ and yet you’re eating at a steakhouse every night.”

In November, UN environment Chief Erick Solheim resigned following widespread criticism of his excessive expenses on official global travel.

“If the UN can recognize this kind of behavior as an embarrassment, you’d think Bernie Sanders could have a little self-reflection and recognize his own hypocrisy, but don’t count on it,” says Morano.

In November 2017, author Jack Miles wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post telling people to stop traveling “for the love of the earth.”