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Morano’s hate mail increases during UN Climate summit: ‘I cannot wait for the day you die and are sent straight to hell’

Hate mail of the week

I get plenty of hate mail here at WUWT. Marc Morano at Climate Depot gets more than I do, and shared this with me. It’s fairly typical for climate alarmists and leftists to resort to such smearing, because they really don’t have anything else.

Here’s a real gem. Warning – graphic language. Note, the email address is left in because he threatens to “make a new email” if he’s blocked, so I have no privacy concerns about this cowardly jerk as the email address is likely faked to begin with.

From: Anonymous <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Dec 8, 2018, 17:16
Subject: Contact form submission (widget) on Climate Depot
To: <contact form>

** This is a contact submission made from a widget on Climate Depot **From: AnonymousEmail:

Message: Messaging you to let you know how much of a horrible person I believe you to be. The propaganda you spread is horrifying. I cannot wait for the day you die and are sent straight to hell, in fact I pray for it every day. From now on you will receive an email from me once a day until you are dead. Dont try to block me as I will just make a new email. Go fuck your mother


Sampling of More hate to Morano in the past week: 

Sun, Dec 9, 8:00 PM (2 days ago)
to morano

** This is a contact submission made from a widget on Climate Depot **

From: Anonymous
Email: [email protected]
Message: You are a manipulator of data and a hack! Get some real facts and a real brain! Your greedy, oil driven lies will be the end of us! Your soul will rot in hell along with everyone you work for.
Go f*ck yourself.


Climate Change
christine chandler <[email protected]>
Sat, Dec 8, 11:58 PM (3 days ago)
to morano

I heard of you from documentary called Merchants of Doubt. I will say only a few things. I think your humorous attitude towards sending or having climate scientists barraged by emails containing truly ugly death threats-that this is indicative of a serious mental problem on your part. I don’t worry about people like you. I know that you will come under Gods wrath and who your real employer is. I won’t bother referring to the many Biblical references to what is going to happen to those who destroy the earth nor to the end of this era and the judgements coming upon those who love money and lies and who reject God. I’m sure you would only find it all outrageously funny.



DEATH WISH: ‘People like you should just die, motherf*cker’ — ‘Go to Hell’ – Skeptical climate book author Morano’s hate mail of the day
From email address: [email protected] (Sent April 25, 2018 to Marc Morano of Climate Depot & Author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’)

Message: “If you can’t understand what climate change is and how it works, you’re either a very stupid fool or you get paid tons of money by those oil lobbies that are destroying our world. People like you should just die, motherfucker. Oh, anyone can hack your anti spam system for this shitty form. Go to hell.”

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