People complain about UN jargon but the technical language of the Katowice climate summit is very revealing. It is all about changing the world order.

Words exist because there is something important to talk about. Words also embody basic beliefs. In this context it is very useful that the ever-green Climate Change News has published a Glossary of the 32 technical terms they think are most important in Katowice.

Analyzing this list tells us a great deal about what is really going one. To begin with, there is not one word on the list that is about climate or climate change. So calling this a climate summit is just a semantic smokescreen. These folks are designing a new world order. The primary focus is how the world will be changed and who is going to pay for it.

In fact the largest group of terms is those that refer to the various political alliances at the new-order design table. There are 12 such groups, plus the term “negotiating group” itself. These are groups of countries that feel they share enough of a common interest to team up. Thus a full 41% of the technical terms refer to interest groups.

The largest negotiating group by far is called the G77 + China. Despite the old name, this group has 134 member countries. I have no idea why China gets special mention, except it is by far the most powerful member. These are the countries that stand to benefit hugely from the new world order, because its central feature is huge, never ending payments from the so-called developed countries to the developing countries. (I say so-called because the U.S. is still developing.)