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DRAMATIC VIDEO: ‘Macron’s police sprayed me with tear gas!’ – Reporter covering carbon tax protest in Paris


RAW VIDEO: Buckby: “I went to the carbon tax protest in Paris — and Macron’s police sprayed me with tear gas!”

On the morning of Saturday, December 1, I was in Paris, to cover the Gilet Jaunes protests against President Macron’s administration.

People from all over Paris and beyond began gathering, ready to protest against Emmanuel Macron’s insane tax policies.

Very quickly, we could feel our faces burning.

The police were already using tear gas to disperse the crowd, but it didn’t work. We followed them right to the Arc de Triomphewhere we were soon kettled in by the police.

I really couldn’t believe just how quickly the situation became so volatile – there were rubber bullets being fired, gas and explosions all around us. The police were following Macron’s orders to punish his people. Kettled in and bombarded with gas, we had nowhere to go.

This is just the first in our series of films covering these protests.

We have more on the way which cover the reasons why people are out on the streets, how long they expect it to last, and what they would like to see Macron do to resolve the matter.


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