Study Finds ‘467 different ways’ that climate change impacts us – Including making us more likely to wet the bed & triggering a plague of ticks, snakes and VOLES as ‘devastating’ droughts & flooding send nature haywire by 2100 HARRY PETTIT FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:00 EST, 19 November 2018 | UPDATED Climate change will make us more likely to wet the bed and trigger a plague of ticks, snakes and voles, research claims. A rise in ‘devastating’ droughts, floods, wildfires and other weather events caused by global warming will impact nature in a […]

Trump Calls for ‘Great Climate’ and ‘Safe Forests’ While Surveying California Wildfire Wreckage

Trump Calls for ‘Great Climate’ and ‘Safe Forests’ While Surveying California Wildfire Wreckage President Donald Trump doubled down on his call for better forest management while surveying wildfire damage in Northern California with Gov. Jerry Brown and other officials. “Other countries do it differently. It’s a whole different story,” Trump said Saturday, mentioning that […]

NYT climate warning: ‘Like a terror movie…some parts of the world could face as many as 6 climate-related crises at the same time’ By John Schwartz Nov. 19, 2018 211 Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. Global warming is posing such wide-ranging risks to humanity, involving so many types of phenomena, that by the end of this century some parts of the world could face as many as […]

Gov. Jerry Brown Quietly Admits Trump Was Right, Eases California Logging Rules ByEMILY ZANOTTI @EMZANOTTI November 19, 2018 California Governor Jerry Brown appears to have quietly admitted President Donald Trump’s suggestion about improving California forestry was correct, and is now urging state lawmakers to loosen restrictive logging regulations put in place to appease environmentalists. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Brown is proposing one of the most […]

Only 1 Environmental Group Endorsing Pelosi for House speaker?! – League of Conservation Voters Labor Unions Dominate Pelosi’s List of Speakership Endorsements By Craig Bannister | November 19, 2018 | 2:09 PM EST Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Screenshot) Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is touting a list of “More Than 30 Leading National Advocacy Organizations” endorsing her bid to become the next House speaker. Of the 32 endorsements listed by Pelosi on her […]

Global Warming Snowed Under, four years after the New York Times warned of ‘The End of Snow?” By Brian C. Joondeph Global warming is settled science, according to Barack Obama, Al Gore, and the rest of the progressive smart set in Washington, DC. Their only solution is more government – taxes, regulations, mandates – all throttling the American engine of innovation and commerce. Regardless of what we see on a daily basis, […]

French Anti-Carbon-Tax Revolt Escalates As Truck Drivers Join Protests GWPF Newsletter 19/11/18 French Anti-Carbon-Tax Revolt EscalatesAs Lorry Drivers Join Protests Macron’s Climate Waterloo The revolt against President Macron’s environmental taxes escalated today as protesters tried to block fuel depots around France. Lorry drivers joined the protest movement today as ministers struggled to restore order with at least 35 motorways partially or completely blocked, along with […]

Thanksgiving Could Be Among the Coldest on Record in Parts of the Northeast At a Glance An arctic air mass will engulf the Northeast late this week. Some cities may see their coldest Thanksgiving Day on record. Low temperatures will be 15 to 25 degrees below average. Another blast of cold air is expected to bring one of the coldest Thanksgivings on record for some Northeast cities. A strong […]