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Watch: Morano on TV rebuts Gov. Brown’s claim of Calif. wildfires fueled by ‘climate change’

“Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler” on OAN (One America News)
Broadcast on November 13, 2018

Autogenerated Transcript: 

Morano: “There’s absolutely nothing in the historical record showing that as co2 has risen carbon dioxide which would
Governor Brown is blaming for all this ultimately is causing worse fires but we have unbelievable evidence that Governor
Brown himself by his political stance has not helping the problem at all. For instance vetoing a bill passed by unanimously by the California House and Senate literally not a single dissenting vote a bipartisan vote in 2016 to essentially manage the forest. (See: CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned)

Governor Brown turned that away. So this is not a climate drought.  This is a mismanagement development forest policy and over development if you will, fire. You have a lot of wealthy homes in a lot of areas with a lot of thick trees and dead trees there’s estimated over 120 million dead trees in California that are acting as matchboxes for this fire it is not a co2 or climate change fire or drought.”

Liz Wheeler: “Great and that’s that’s what President Trump tweeted yesterday. I want to ask about something specific
that Governor Brown said too this is a quote from that video he said predictions by some scientists are we’ve already gone up one degree. I think we can expect another half a degree which is catastrophic over the next 10 to 12 years so we have a real challenge you’re threatening our whole way of life.

What does the increase in temperature have to do with the likelihood of fire what’s the scientific correlation?

Morano: “Well what they’re trying to say is the earth is getting hotter drier therefore everything’s like waiting for a match
to be lighted and therefore this is a climate change-fueled storm. The problem with that is a we’ve been warmer in the past from a Roman warming, Medieval warming even the 1930s in the United States still hold the heat records for that.

So it’s not the heat and also precipitation — the droughts are not historically bad again they’ve had much worse droughts in previous years. Since 1895, there has been no trend and precipitation (in California) so what he does it’s a classic misdirection.  Governor Brown does when current reality fails to make your case he scares everyone by saying the next 10 to 12 years he’s basically saying it’s going to get a lot worse and we have the science to support it when that’s not the case.

There’s actually no evidence to support that. If anything, even according to studies in the journal Nature, the United Nations, there’s no trend in global droughts which would be the single biggest climate contributor to these wildfires. But keep in mind it’s not the climate driving these we and in the United States Senate data scientists testify that it’s actually unscientific to claim that so-called manmade climate change is fueling these big fires.

These are land-use policies that are fueling them. It’s not clearing out the old trees, it’s having 120 million dead trees that you refuse to clear out for ideological reasons because you want to keep the forest untouched.

As California State Assemblyman Tom McClintock has actually called it the no use policy instead of wise use or limited use of California lands. It’s called the no use, untouched let all the trees alone, let the underbrush grow thicker and thicker and
let the development go on basically unchecked without a decent policy and you get overdevelopment, bad planning, bad forest management and this is the kind of thing you end up with.”


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