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Yet another claim: Psychology Today: ‘Rising Temperatures Could Worsen Mental Health’

Psychology Today: Rising Temperatures Could Worsen Mental Health. Hotter temperatures, more frequent hurricanes, and added precipitation are all associated with an increased prevalence of mental health challenges in the U.S., a recent study finds—and experts warn that the problem is likely to get worse as the climate continues to warm. Using data provided by […]

Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s Anchor, Ponders a Future Without the Cartel By Summer Said and Benoit Faucon Nov. 8, 2018 2:04 p.m. ET Saudi Arabia’s top government-funded think tank is studying the possible effects on oil markets of a breakup of OPEC, a remarkable research effort for a country that has dominated the oil cartel for nearly 60 years. The effort coincides with new pressures […]

‘South Park’ TV show apologizes to Al Gore & admits it was wrong about ‘global warming’ MATTHEW ROZSA NOVEMBER 8, 2018 3:29PM (UTC) In the new “South Park” episode “Time To Get Cereal,” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone do something particularly brave — they admit that the premise of one of their most famous previous episodes was plumb wrong. “Time To Get Cereal” is essentially a sequel to the […]

NY AG’s Office Scolded For ‘Judge-Shopping’ In Exxon Climate Case NY AG’s Office Scolded For ‘Judge-Shopping’ In Exxon Case By Jack Newsham Law360, New York (November 7, 2018, 6:30 PM EST) — Lawyers for the New York attorney general got a dressing-down from a Manhattan state judge on Wednesday for seeking his recusal in a climate-change securities fraud suit against Exxon Mobil Corp.,…

Bjorn Lomborg: UN climate officials admit ‘Paris agreement will leave 99% of the problem unsolved’ at ‘a very, very high cost’ The 2015 Paris climate agreement is a highly costly treaty that will change little. That’s the view of Bjorn Lomborg, who’s been named one of the most influential people of the 21st century. Lomborg, who has his own think tank and has written several books on the issue, admits that climate change is real, […]

Ocean warming paper found to have ‘major error’ – Uncritical News Media Gave Blanket Coverage To Flawed Climate Paper Anthony Watts / 14 hours ago November 7, 2018 From the GWPF: A week ago, we were told that climate change was worse than we thought. But the underlying science contains a major error. Independent climate scientist Nicholas Lewis has uncovered a major error in a recent scientific paper that was given blanket coverage in the English-speaking […]

Flashback 1971: A severe year of extreme weather during the ‘global cooling’ era By Paul Homewood Extreme weather is the most likely and severe threat facing humanity!     For many years now, the public have refused to be scared by slightly higher temperatures, so the threat of what used to be called “bad weather” has been wheeled out to alarm everyone. Floods, droughts, cold, heat, storms, […]

Quality Control Sorely Needed In Climate Science: Half Of Peer-Reviewed Results Non-Replicable, Flawed By Kenneth Richard “A number of biases internal and external to the scientific community contribute to perpetuating the perception of ocean calamities in the absence of robust evidence.”  – Duarte et al., 2015 Image Source: Larcombe and Ridd, 2018 Within a matter of days after the press release for a newly published Nature paperspewed the usual it’s-worse-than-we-thought headlines throughout the alarmosphere […]

California supports ‘Big Oil’ — So long as it’s foreign – Bans domestic drilling in favor of overseas export of oil By Ronald Stein|November 2nd, 2018|Energy|0 Comments California is home to the largest crude oil reserves in America, but the States’ choice to not drill for that oil requires in-state manufacturers to “export” billions of dollars annually to oil rich foreign countries to import their oil to meet the state’s energy demands. The subject of energy […]