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NYT: What the Midterms Mean for ‘Climate Change’ – Nancy Pelosi has vowed to revive a select committee on global warming By Lisa Friedman Up late last night? We were, too, on the climate desk, sorting through America’s mixed bag of election results on climate change. In the most direct rejection Tuesday of a plan to tame greenhouse gas emissions, voters in Washington state defeated a proposed tax on carbon. The vote was a critical […]

Plastic over concern prompts ‘Single-use’ to be the 2018 Word of the Year (2017 Word of the Year was ‘fake news’) By Madeleine Cuff Collins Dictionary names ‘single-use’ the 2018 Word of the Year in recognition of spike in public concern over plastic pollution The term ‘single-use’ has been crowned the 2018 Word of the Year by the Collins Dictionary, following the stunning rise in public concern over the environmental impact of throwaway plastics over the last […]

NO ‘GREEN WAVE’ THIS ELECTION AS VOTERS REJECT CLIMATE CHANGE BALLOT MEASURES By MICHAEL BASTASCH Voters in Arizona, Colorado and Washington rejected global warming-related ballot measures. Nevada voters approved a campaign to raise their green energy mandate, which was backed by a billionaire Democrat. There was no “green wave” this election, and environmentalists are already blaming the oil industry. Not only did a Democratic “blue wave” fail […]

NEVADANS OVERWHELMINGLY VOTE TO INCREASE THE STATE’S ‘RENEWABLE ENERGY’ MANDATE BY JASON HOPKINS ARTICLES Nevada overwhelmingly passed a renewable energy initiative Tuesday, putting the state one step closer toward mandating a higher amount of wind and solar be used in its energy portfolio. The campaign to pass Question 6 won by a near 20-point margin, taking 59 percent of the vote to the “no” campaign’s […]

Ballot measures taking aim at ‘climate change’ fall short By Brady Dennis and Dino Grandoni, The Washington Post Efforts to nudge the nation away from burning fossil fuels and toward harnessing renewable source of energy were rejected by voters Tuesday across a swath of resource-rich states in the western United States. Voters in Arizona, one of the nation’s most sun-soaked states, shot down […]

Climate Caucus Republicans Suffer A String Of Election Defeats, Including Their Pro-Carbon Tax Leader Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a carbon tax supporter, lost to his Democratic opponent. Other GOP lawmakers on the Climate Solutions Caucus were also defeated. “[Y]et another sign that carbon taxes are politically toxic,” conservatives said. Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who supports a carbon tax, was among defeated House Republicans who are part of a caucus […]

Washington state voters reject carbon tax initiative Voters in Tuesday returns rejected I-1631, the proposed carbon fee initiative, which would have raised more than $1 billion annually by 2023, with spending decisions to be made by a governor-appointed board as well as the state’s utilities. By Hal Bernton Seattle Times staff reporter Washington state voters on Tuesday rejected Initiative 1631, a […]