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Latest Warming Fear Mongering: Climate Change Makes Us Go Crazy by Jeff Dunetz | Oct 9, 2018 | Climate 67SHARES Share Tweet Scientists at MIT have released a study worthy to be featured on “The Official Lid List Of Stupid Things Blamed on Climate Change.”  Nick Obradovich, a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab who, with Robyn Migliorini, Martin P. Paulus, and Iyad Rahwan co-authored the new study says if global warming continues, more of […]

BBC CENSORSHIP AND THE MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM By Melanie Phillips This evening, an important lecture is being delivered in London on the subject of man-made or anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory. If you follow BBC news programmes, you are extremely unlikely to hear anything about this important lecture. That is because the scientist delivering it is saying that man-made global warming theory is […]