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Nutty Science Claim: CO2/global warming shrinking men’s testicles

Nutty Science Claim: CO2/global warming shrinking men’s testicles

By Anthony Watts

From the correlation is not causationdepartment, and Mother Jones, comes this absurdity:

A new study from researchers in California has reached some astonishing new conclusions. An interdisciplinary team composed of members from physics, physiology, statistics, and atmospheric sciences began with results from a metastudy of sperm concentration in men.

This study (chart on left) confirmed that sperm concentrations have been declining since the early 70s. At the same time, measurements from the Mauna Loa Observatory show that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising during the same period (chart on right):

After validating a parameterless model based on surprisingly common consumer software packages, the team derived a transformation equation based on τ = 1 at 1973 for the Mauna Loa data:

y = π +κx, where π = -238 and κ = -ln(11)

As the authors put it, “Our global manhood is being steadily shriveled into effeminancy by our huge and rising emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.