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Scientist: Why do climate alarmists want Lysenkoism?

Why do climate alarmists want Lysenkoism?

by Dr. Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physics

Murry Salby was scheduled to speak on climate physics to faculty and students of the Helmut-Schmidt-University, Germany. But, the university president decided climate physics is too political. He would not allow Salby to speak without an opposing speaker.

Murry Salby is the author of the excellent textbook, “Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate.” Salby already has his airline ticket. They could not find an opposing speaker. So, the president canceled Salby’s talk. Now, the organizers of Salby’s talk must find an off-campus location where he can present his talk and work with other university scientists.

Why do climate alarmists try to stop any presentation of the skeptic view?

Why do skeptics welcome science presentation from both sides?

Like in this blog, I allow both sides to present their case. And we try to keep the discussion focused on science.

Why do alarmists use political force in almost every country to prevent open discussion of climate science?

Does alarmist opposition show they have no valid science?

Why do alarmists work to implement Lysenkoism in our universities?

Do alarmists work to achieve their political goals and to hell with science?

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