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BBC Ignores Widely Publicized UN IPCC Problems – Reality: IPCC is an ‘amateurish, ramshackle operation’ The BBC recently issued a document telling its journalists how to approach climate stories. That document treats the findings of a UN entity known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as gospel. The “best science on the issue,” it says, is expressed by the IPCC, “which drew on the expertise of a huge number of the world’s top […]

Hotter, Colder–It’s Still Your Fault! ‘Global warming now means the East Antarctic is getting colder’ By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward   Emerging from the ice for a brief growing season every Antarctic summer, the lush green mosses of East Antarctica are finally succumbing to climate change. That is according to a study of the small, ancient and hardy plants – carried out over more than a decade. […]

Carbon taxes for dummies: ‘A carbon tax makes all of us pay’ By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN Given the amount of misinformation being generated by politicians, pollsters, pundits, think tanks and others about carbon taxes, let’s discuss what’s true and what isn’t. 1: A carbon tax raises taxes. True. You would think this would be obvious but apparently not. A carbon tax is a new tax charged by […]

US COAL USE HITS 35-YEAR LOW, BUT EXPORTS ARE BOOMING – ‘Foreign markets are lining up to purchase American coal’ By Jason Hopkins Foreign markets are lining up to purchase American coal by widening amounts as U.S. coal consumption reaches its lowest level in more than three decades. Power plants’ consumption of coal dropped to 298 million short tons in the first half of 2018, a sharp fall from 312 million in the same […]