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‘No clue’! Meteorologist Joe Bastardi BUSTS media for linking Florence to ‘global warming’


‘No clue’! Joe Bastardi BUSTS climate alarmists linking Florence to global warming

by Greg P.

Meteorologist and hurricane expert Joe Bastardi has a great thread here busting this new Axios report titled, “The ties between Hurricane Florence and climate change.”

First up, Bastardi asks where was the Axios report weeks ago when models showed it coming, “strictly due to natural forcing”:

The Axios report left this part out for some reason:

Also left out of the Axios report, an explanation why there a fewer major hurricane landfalls now than in the past:

The reality is, the east coast gets big storms. Like Hazel in 1954 which if it happened today, would be blamed on climate change:

And Florence isn’t even as strong right now as Gloria in 1985, despite being over warmer water:

The face is that it was the natural weather patterns that caused this burst of tropical moisture, not ocean temps near the U.S.: