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Delingpole: No, Trump’s Red State Base Is Not ‘Suffering Most’ from Climate Change By James Delingpole A piece by the Daily Telegraph‘s U.S. correspondent David Millward is headlined: ‘Donald Trump should take global warming more seriously – it’s his voters in red states who suffer most’. This clickbait drivel needs debunking and, as usual, Paul Homewood has done a fine job. The Telegraph’s claims are in bold. […]

NYT’s Latest Attempt To Scare Readers About Global Warming Uses Models and Does not match observed temperature records!

Here’s Why NYT’s Latest Attempt To Scare Readers About Global Warming Is A ‘Waste Of Time’ HERE’S WHY NYT’S LATEST ATTEMPT TO SCARE READERS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING IS A ‘WASTE OF TIME’ By Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor The New York Times teamed up with climate scientists to produce a graphic purporting to show […]

Newsweek: ‘Climate Change Is About to Transform Earth Into an Unrecognizable, Alien Landscape’ BY HANNAH OSBORNE ON 9/3/18 AT 6:55 AM Within the next 100 years, Earth as we know it could be transformed into an unrecognizable, alien world, with ecosystems around the globe falling apart. After looking at over 500 ancient climate records, scientists have said current climate change is comparable to what the planet went […]