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Climate Change Is No Joke: UN Nixes Video After Complaints from Greenies

By James Delingpole

The United Nations has been forced to pull a video about climate change because greenies violently objected to its attempts to be funny about a subject they considered far too serious for levity.

According to Climate Home News:

Viewers complained the advert for its Climate Neutral Now scheme appeared to mock green lifestyle choices and downplay the urgency of the climate challenge.

Published on Facebook and Twitter, the video struck a jokey tone, showing a man trying to give up his car, flights, steak and even breathing to cut his carbon footprint.

“OK, we know that’s slightly impractical, so here’s the real solution,” said the narrator, directing viewers to a revamped website where they can pay to cancel emission reduction credits issued through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Cancelling your holidays, selling your car, taking cold showers? Stop breathing, even? There are easier ways to take #climateaction: visit our website to calculate your emissions, reduce & offset them, and …. breathe easy! #climattitude

— UN Climate Change (@UNFCCC) August 29, 2018

But the greenies hated it:

Sébastien Duyck@duycks

Shameful video. Some at should pay more attention to the message that will come out of the IPCC in October – particularly in relation to the role that lifestyle choices that lower energy demand can play to achieve the goal. Please take this video down ASAP

Adam Leckius@adamleckius

Bizarre. Would work well as satire, not as a serious commercial. Did @UNFCCC really produce this themselves?

Carbon offsetting may be part of the solution, but it’s surely no magic wand but a gamble. Framing it like this, mocking necessary lifestyle changes, is very unhelpful.

Rob Wallis@ghezbora

Why are you trying to discourage people from doing actually effective things like driving less and not eating meat?