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YouTube Has Countless Videos Documenting Provably False Claims of Climate Alarmists, Yet They Attack Those Who Were Accurate

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YouTube may not be aware of this, but NOAA and NASA have given the public a way to track in “near real time” just how wrong the Climate Experts are. We are closing in on the top of the time period range Climate “Prophet” James Hansen claimed would result in an ice-free Arctic. NASA and NOAA may be able to “adjust” their temperature data, but “adjusting” images is a bit more difficult. Who should YouTube users believe? The nitwit censors and propagandists at YouTube or their lying eyes?

Tipping Point Reached; What an Ice-Free Arctic Looks Like

Vegas is giving Jim a Snowball’s Chance of pulling off a victory. In this following video, Al Gore makes a similarly spectacularly false prediction. He claimed that within 7 years experts believe we may be ice-free in the N Pole. The award was given in 2007.

We are what is wrong, and we must make it right.

Last September 21, as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is “falling off a cliff.” One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years.

Seven years from now.

Dear YouTube,

May I first say how pleased I am that climate misinformation videos on your platform will now carry informative links to official data sources correcting the lack of understanding and conspiracist ideation among the less scientifically educated of your viewers.

It’s difficult to know exactly where to start re-educating the sort of people that think somehow just because the Jet Stream has moved around a bit that a hot July doesn’t prove the need to adopt global communism to save us all from the sins of our capitalist folly.

As long as we live in a world in which bourgeois intellectuals are free to own private property and sit around in it thinking and writing what they like, we can only do what little we can to correct the error of their ways. Your commitment to party communications at the end of their silly YouTube clips is therefore a most welcome development and one with which I am delighted to be able to help, having found the following disinformation videos which you will no doubt want to amend with corrective messaging. (Continue Reading)

Congress needs to investigate YouTube and the entire Social Media Industry. They are simply activists for the wrong side of science. As stated above, photo evidence proves them wrong and refutes the “adjustments” of the temperature data.

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