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Climate Change Superstition Is Here – It Is Catastrophic

Climate Change Superstition Is Here – It Is Catastrophic

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Climate Change Superstition Is Here – It Is Catastrophic

by tonyheller / Today, 10:20
The BBC is taking climate disinformation to an entirely new level, describing common weather events as catastrophic climate change.

James Cook on Twitter: “Climate change. It’s here. It’s catastrophic

I could write an entire encyclopedia documenting similar weather events from the past. but here a few line items from James Cook’s clueless tweet.

In 1902, fires were burning all over Greece.

05 Sep 1902, Page 7 – The Times at

In 1972, at the peak of the ice age scare, fires were burning all over Arctic Norway.

06 Jul 1972, Page 24 – Freeport Journal-Standard at

In 1922, Japan and China had a heatwave over 100 degrees for weeks.

10 Aug 1922, 7 – The Guardian at

The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (134 degrees) occurred this month 105 years ago.


During July 1934, 80% of the US was in extreme or severe drought.

psi-193407.gif (690×488)

Current drought conditions are much less severe, and New Mexico and the drought region of the southwest has been getting lots of rain since this map was made last week.

Current Map

Imagine the hysteria from James Cook if he was transported back to 1931. On this date in 1931, forest fires were the headline story in US newspapers.

24 Jul 1931, Page 1 – Delphos Daily Herald at

Forest fires are down 80% in the US since the 1930’s.

Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

Meanwhile, the worst floods in history were occurring in China, which killed more than three million people.

22 Aug 1931, 1 – Hartford Courant at

There is no indication that the climate is getting more extreme. Fake news writers like James Cook take commonplace weather events and declare them to be catastrophic climate change – without doing any historical research or actual journalism. And their most egregious failing is a refusal to talk to people (like myself) who are familiar with history.

We have seen censorship like this in the past. When only one point of view is presented, journalists are nothing more than propagandists. Particularly when their viewpoint is incorrect.