Report: Obama-era EPA Deal With UN to Impose Agenda 2030 Still in Force

Written by Alex Newman

July 16, 2018

The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quietly signed a deal with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) vowing to cooperate on everything from climate change “education” to imposing the highly controversial UN Agenda 2030. The EPA-UNEP agreement, which has gone almost entirely unnoticed until now, bypasses normal constitutional and legislative procedures and facilitates what one leading critic described as the “globalization” of the U.S. Government. And so, even while President Donald Trump has announced that America would withdraw from the UN Paris Agreement on “global warming” and other UN schemes, federal bureaucrats are still dutifully working to implement them. The implications for sovereignty, self-government, and liberty are massive.

The so-called “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), which was sent to The New American magazine by a high-level source within the environmental movement, is supposed to “consolidate, further develop and intensify” the “cooperation” and “effectiveness” of the EPA and the UN in achieving what the document describes as “their common goals and objectives.” According to the agreement, the “UNEP and the EPA share common goals and objectives.” Those objectives include hampering American energy, subverting U.S. sovereignty, further undermining private-property rights, perpetuating poverty in the Third World, and much more, analysts said after reading the agreement. And under the plan, the EPA purports to have the power to cooperate with other governments and international organizations “to protect the environment globally,” it claimed in the MOU.

Among other goals, the joint EPA-UNEP scheme is aimed at providing a “framework” via which the UN and the EPA can cooperate in the “implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the Sustainable Development Goals, and through which they may intensify such cooperation.” As this magazine has documented extensively, the UN’s so-called Agenda 2030 is essentially a road-map to global totalitarian, technocratic rule over humanity, as the UN agreement itself also makes clear. Troubling provisions in Agenda 2030, often touted as the “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, include calls for radically “transforming our world,” as the UN’s marketing and PR gurus put it. The plan also demands indoctrination of children worldwide until they “promote” the UN’s totalitarian ideology known as “sustainable development.” It mandates national and international wealth redistribution, too. Then-UN boss Ban Ki-moon described the scheme as the global “Declaration of Interdependence.” 

Property-rights watchdog Tom DeWeese, president of the liberty-minded American Policy Center, told The New American that the UN-EPA agreement is a threat to America. “This MOU is part of the globalization of our own government,” said DeWeese, author of the new book Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals.“ It clearly demonstrates the hidden inner workings of our government agencies with United Nations agencies and why it is so dangerous. The EPA is part of a United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) permanent council of government agencies that meet behind closed doors, creating policy and agreements that are not presented to or approved by our elected Congress. This is the standard operating procedure used by the UN and its globalist agents to avoid our Constitution. For them our founding document is just a troublesome nuisance. Even as President Trump walks away from the Paris Climate Accord, with this MOU in place the EPA has still agreed to its basic implementation.”

Under the controversial agreement, the EPA and the UNEP agree to cooperate on a broad range of initiatives. Among the areas where the two vowed to work together is working with governments around the world to implement UN environmental agreements, including through the changing and enforcing of laws and regulations to meet UN demands. The scheme also calls for working together on “education,” including on “climate change.” No doubt the signatories intended to promote the discredited UN-backed hypothesis that human emissions of CO2, which account for a fraction of one percent of all the “greenhouse” gases in the atmosphere, were driving catastrophic global warming. Indeed, among the actions to be taken is “responding to climate change” by cooperating on reducing energy use and emissions of CO2, an essential gas exhaled by humans that is known to many scientists as the “gas of life.”

The agreement purports to commit the EPA and the U.S. taxpayers who fund it to help the UNEP and other governments in “Transitioning to a Green Economy.” That specific clause calls on the EPA and the UN to promote UN programs such as the “10-Year Framework of Programs,” a Marxist-style global scheme that aims to use government to make production and consumption “sustainable.” Obviously, the only way to do that is through government control of consumption and production, the very essence of communism. The entire “sustainable development” agenda is totalitarian to the core, calling for government control over every aspect of human life. Indeed, in a 2014 report on the “Green Economy,” the UN claims everyone must “alter their worldview, profoundly and dramatically.” A separate UN report entitled “Working towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy: A United Nations System-wide Perspective” went even further: “Transitioning to a green economy requires a fundamental shift in the way we think and act. ”Agenda 2030 makes clear that “no one will be left behind.”