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Global Temperature Rise Some 75% Lower Than Models Projected

No matter how hard climate-catastrophe obsessed alarmists attempt to beat out a little doom from the data, their results still fall far way short of their projections. Moreover, the modest warming the planet has seen over the recent decades is tied more to natural cycles.

One alarmist tweeted in response to one of my recent posts with a WoodForTrees chart showing a temperature rise over the past 40 years. His aim was to say: The temperatures are rising fast and are right on course with the models:

At first glance we see that the satellite data do show a warming trend over the past 40 years, and so the alarmists must be right – some might think.

But look at the chart more closely.

If you do, you’ll see that the global temperature over the past 40 years has risen from an anomaly of -0.2°C to +0.3°C, meaning a whopping 0.5°C over 40 years, which is 1.2°C per century.

When we put this in perspective, this is far lower than the than 4 to 6°C per century that the alarmists often like to have the public believe.

Putting this on a chart (I had to do a little rescaling):

Chart: P Gosselin, using WoodForTrees data.

Of course the recent pause was interrupted by an El Nino event and the latest satellite data show that the global surface temperature is down to a mere anomaly of only 0.12°C:

Chart snipped from Weatherbell Saturday Summary, July 14, 2018.

Temperature is not the only magnitude that global warming alarmists have totally exaggerated. Another example mentioned earlier is Arctic sea ice, which has been expanding over the past decade, i.e. doing the opposite of what was forecast:

Al Gore’s hysterical projections of ice-free Arctic late summers are exposed as an absolute sham. 2018 uses a conservative projected value.

Today the doomsday scenarios and projections made 10 years ago have yet to show any signs of coming true. In fact, many scientists are projecting a cooling tendency ahead.