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President Donald Trump chastised his predecessor for thinking global warming was the biggest threat facing the U.S., arguing nuclear weapons were a bigger threat “by a factor of about five million.”

“To me, the most important issue is the nuclear issue, because I know President Obama said global warming is our biggest problem, and I would say that no, it’s nuclear warming is our biggest problem by a factor of about five million,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“The nuclear problem we have to make sure, we have to be very careful,” Trump told Hannity in an interview after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Trump’s interview with Hannity is set to air Monday night.

Indeed, President Barack Obama called global warming the greatest U.S. security threat on multiple occasions. Obama even blamed global warming for contributing to the Syrian civil war and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. (RELATED: EPA Official Explains To Elijah Cummings That FOIA Policies He Called ‘Troubling’ Were Put In Place Under Obama)

“No challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,” Obama said in his 2015 State of the Union speech.

Trump has largely abandoned the Obama administration’s policies on global warming, including promising to withdraw from the Paris climate accord as soon as possible. However, the Trump administration has not rescinded an executive order on international climate finance.