Youth March to Sound the Alarm on ‘Climate Change’ – ‘Students across the nation to unite against the greatest threat of the twenty-first century — climate change’

Via: NYC’s Youth March to Sound the Alarm on Climate Change By Ilana Cohen and Amy Torres | 15 hours ago ZeroHour NYC The logo for Zero Hour NYC. We all know that students are more than capable of shaping our communities and advocating for national policy change. That’s why from Florida to New […]

CONSERVATIVE GROUPS RALLY GOP TO OPPOSE A CARBON TAX Jason Hopkins | Energy Investigator In response to growing demands for a carbon tax, various conservative organizations are banding together and calling on Congress to suppress such an effort. The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a nonprofit advocacy group, is partnering with other free-market organizations to urge the House of Representatives to pass a resolution […]

Video Exposes 30 Years Of ‘Totally Messed Up’ Climate Forecasts, Embarrassing NASA Scientists – ‘Forecasts no better than fortune telling’ By P Gosselin on 29. June 2018 A video released by software expert Tony Heller exposes 30 years of completely false predictions made by NASA “climate experts” and how the predictions have no more value than those from a swindling crystal ball fortune-teller of a traveling side show. When it comes to the climate debate, one could […]

Watch: Live climate debate turns nasty Fireworks during live broadcast between climate change advocate David Appell and meteorologist Chuck Wiese My friend, Lars Larson, who runs a nationally syndicated radio program called the Lars Larson Show decided to stage a debate between two people who are regulars here at WUWT. One uses his real name to comment here, the other also used […]

Rick Perry Hints At Federal Action To Keep Andrew Cuomo From Blocking Pipelines

By MICHAEL BASTASCH Secretary of Energy Rick Perry sent a not-so-subtle signal to New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo that the federal government may intervene to keep New York officials from blocking natural gas pipelines. “The citizens of New York are paying more for energy,” Perry said at the World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C., on […]