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Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘If you don’t understand science, you can’t vote’

Lately, the left has become even more unhinged than usual. This letter appeared in our local newspaper, the Chico Enterprise Record and is a fine example of that trend. It’s probably the most bizarre letter on climate I’ve ever seen, and of course, nobody in their right mind would bother responding to it. Ironically, the person writing, one Nancy L. Good of Chico, clearly doesn’t understand science herself, only rhetoric and headlines. Given her excluding viewpoint, maybe she shouldn’t be the one voting?

Here’s the letter as it appeared on

The article on Page 10, June 19, about climate change, should have been on page 1. Why? So Doug LaMafia and the 52 percent of boneheads who voted for him recently would see it and read it.

Why are people still voting for a man who is ignorant concerning proven scientific evidence that we are slowly destroying our home planet by human practices? These are the same type of people who refused to believe the Earth is round and not flat. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I propose a new voting requirement. If you aren’t smart enough to understand science you can’t vote and you can’t be an elected official. I am holding Republicans responsible for destroying my planet.

— Nancy L. Good, Chico

Wow, just wow.

Projection at it’s finest.

Here’s the article she’s upset about:

We can all thank Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press for whipping this person into a frenzy, or as they call it these days, “triggered”.