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NASA researcher: Despite recent claims, Antarctica is still GAINING ice

by Michael Bastasch Is Antarctica melting or is it gaining ice? A recent paper claims Antarctica’s net ice loss has dramatically increased in recent years, but forthcoming research will challenge that claim. NASA glaciologist Jay Zwally first challenged the “consensus” on Antarctica in 2015 when he published a paper showing ice sheet growth in eastern Antarctica outweighed the […]

Heritage Foundation ‘Daily Signal’ touts Morano’s book interview as #1 article of the week – ‘Our interview with a straight-talking climate skeptic captured a big audience’ Editor’s note: Our interview with a straight-talking climate change skeptic captured a big audience, and this week’s roundup begins with that. Unrelated question: Have you been pressured to participate in an LGBT Pride Month celebration at work? Tell us what happened by writing [email protected].—Ken McIntyre Dear Daily Signal: Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting a […]

Help EPA rethink regulatory cost-benefit analysis

by David Wojick, Ph.D. In yet another welcome reform effort, EPA is considering changing how it does cost and benefit analysis for new regulations. This is great news, because the Agency’s analyses have often been biased in favor of regulation, sometimes to the point of absurdity. What we have at this point is called an “advanced […]