Analysis: The EFFECT MUST always FOLLOW the CAUSE; Climate Alarmists Fail Science 101

The EFFECT MUST always FOLLOW the CAUSE; Climate Alarmists Fail Science 101

by co2islife / Jun 9, 2018

One of, if not the greatest flaws in the CAGW Theory is that it has its cause and effect reversed. CAGW is like claiming lung-cancer causes smoking. For the CAGW Theory to be valid, CO2 would have to increase, and then Temperatures would have to increase. The increase in CO2 would cause temperatures to increase. Problem is, that doesn’t happen. Temperatures increase first and then CO2 increases. There is also no defined mechanism by which CO2 would increase before temperatures to pull the globe out of an ice-age/glaciation, or for CO2 to decline in advance of an ice-age/glaciation. The CAGW simply can’t explain the majority of the observations in the geologic record.

Scientists Find Sun-Driven Temperature Changes Led CO2 Changes By 1300-6500 Years In The Ancient Past

It has long been established in the scientific literature (and affirmed by the IPCC) that CO2 concentration changes followed Antarctic temperature changes by about 600 to 1000 years during glacial-interglacial transitions throughout the last ~800,000 years

n contrast, two new papers cite evidence that the timing of the lagged CO2 response to temperature changes may have ranged between 1300 and 6500 years in some cases. It would appear that a millennial-scale lagged response to temperature undermines the claim that CO2 concentration changes were a driver of climate in the ancient past.

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