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Europe’s Green Failure: CO2 Emissions Rising

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels increased in 2017, statistics office Eurostat said on Friday, indicating that the reduction of emissions blamed for climate change remains a challenge. Source: Eurostat Carbon emissions in the EU were up 1.8 percent from 2016, Eurostat said, with a double-digit increase in Malta and […]

New Report: Green Policies Threaten Poor Nations Efforts to decarbonise will kill millions in poor countries   London 4 May 2018. A new report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation finds that climate and green energy policies promoted by development organisations will cause millions of preventable deaths in the developing world.    The report, by eminent epidemiologist Mikko Paunio, says that international bodies and […]

Leading expert Paul Reiter Debunks Malaria Scare Stories By Paul Homewood   Talking of malaria, it is worth revisiting one of my posts from last year on the subject:   Prof Paul Reiter I briefly mentioned the other day BBC claims climate change would lead to the spreading of malaria: One argument is that the risk from permafrost pathogens is inherently unknowable, […]

U.S. To Become World’s Top Oil Exporter – Shale Revolution Puts U.S. In Driver’s Seat GWPF Newsletter 04/05/18 U.S. To Become World’s Top Oil Exporter  Shale Revolution Puts U.S. In Driver’s Seat 1) U.S. To Become World’s Top Oil Exporter — Citi Tim Daiss, OilPrice, 2 May 2018 2) Oil Prices Fall On Rising U.S. Crude Inventories, Record Production Henning Gloystein, Reuters, 3 May 2018 3) Energy Firms Will […]