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Malaria Scare Proves To Be Another Global Warming Myth

by Paul Homewood



We have been told for years that malaria will spread because of global warming.

Unfortunately for the alarmists, but fortunately for the rest of us, the reverse is the case.

The Our World in Data recently updated a report, originally published in 2015. According to it, WHO data showed deaths from malaria have fallen by 48% since 2000:



The incidence of malaria has also fallen markedly in most of the countries affected in 2000:



For instance, in Kenya incidence has dropped from 273 to 166 cases per 1000 of population.

You should also note how malaria seems to have been almost totally eradicated in places like Turkey, and much reduced throughout Asia.

They also include this very telling map. Note the green regions, labelled “formerly malarious”:


This does not suggest to me that malaria is spreading because of a slightly warmer climate.


Finally, take a look at this old map from the US Census in 1870:

The below map shows the distribution of malaria deaths within the United States in 1870. Malaria was prevalent in most parts of the US, but especially so in pockets along the coasts.


Proportion of deaths from malaria to deaths of all causes – US Census 1870