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Reporters Claim Pruitt Admitted To Lying About Pay Raises — They’re Jumping The Gun

Energy Reporter
2:20 PM 04/26/2018
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt admitted to signing off on pay raises without the White House’s approval to a pair of trusted assistants, reporters are prematurely claiming.

White House reporters at Fox News and Bloomberg believe Pruitt all-but told lawmakers he circumvented proper procedure on pay raises. His answers during a congressional hearing Thursday about the scandal appear to conflict with those he previously made on the issue, they claim.

“Scott Pruitt just told a Congressional Committee he gave his COS the green light to give raises to two EPA officials,” Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts wrote in a Thursday tweet of comments Pruitt made during an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the 2019 budget.

“That — in direct defiance of the WH — and contradicting what he told @FoxNews — that he wasn’t aware of the raises. This may be the end of the line …” Roberts added, referring to answers Pruitt gave during an April 4 sit-down interview with his Fox News colleague, Ed Henry.