Putin funds Green Movements

By: - Climate DepotApril 23, 2018 6:54 AM


by Geoff Brown / Yesterday, 21:12

The Main Stream Media keeps trying to link POTUS Trump’s election win to Putin’s RUSSIA. However we find that:

Memos written by former FBI director James Comey reveal that CNN may have helped orchestrate a possible setup of then-president-elect Donald Trump. (LINK)

Meanwhile the Main Stream Media dodges stories of Russian funding of Green Movements in the US and elsewhere.

For Example:


Recent intelligence reports show that Russia is interested in influencing more than just America’s elections. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies have taken aim at undermining the U.S. energy industry, as well. (Link)

• Green Groups Go Red, Team With Putin To Fight Fracking (Source IBD)

It’s a routine charge: Climate change deniers are funded by Big Oil — they’re mercenaries whose work should be ignored because of their deep conflict of interest……….The green groups oppose fracking simply because they loathe fossil fuels and the benefits they bring — though, apparently, not enough to stop taking Russian oil money, a fact that calls into question their integrity.


With all the attention being paid to Russian “collusion” these days, it is remarkable that there has been so much focus on Facebook ads while far more serious meddling by Vladimir Putin goes mostly unremarked. In particular, Russia’s subsidizing of U.S. environmental groups, specifically those who oppose development of U.S. energy resources by blocking fracking and pipelines, has long been known but is too often forgotten.

Video on energy by Clear Energy Alliance: