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John Stossel: The left’s war on science Excerpt: Stossel: However, one group does get discriminated against in colleges: conservatives. “In the social sciences, Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least eight to one. In fields like sociology it’s 44 to one. Students are more likely to be taught in sociology by a Marxist than by a Republican,” says Tierney. “It’s gotten worse […]

Nanny State: EU To Regulate Color Of Bread, French Fries By Pierre Gosselin …EU enacts law to regulate the color of potato and grain-based foods with the aim of protecting public from high cooking temperatures Too dark! EU now regulating bread color from baking at too high temperatures. Photo credit: Fritzs, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. The following should be a viewed as […]

Democrats promote second annual March for Science: Vote climate change deniers out

BY JOSH DELK – 04/14/18 04:12 PM EDT 1,285 1,173 Democrats voiced their support for 2018’s March for Science on Friday, suggesting thousands gathering at the second annual event vote “climate change deniers” out of office. “For the love of science, get out there and march! Then, VOTE these ignorant climate change-deniers out of office,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee posted on Twitter, […]