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Meteorologist Joe Bastardi book review: ‘The sun, ocean cycles & stochastic events play a much more significant role’ than humans

Maybe ‘exceptional’ weather is just weather By Anthony Sadar Perhaps the best challenge to the hysterical claims that humans are causing unusual climate change is the demonstration that “exceptional” weather events can be predicted in advance based on their natural occurrence in history. One person who has admirably met this challenge with consistent, convincing demonstrations is […]

NY Mag: Global Warming Death Toll Will Be ‘On The Scale Of 25 Holocausts’

By MICHAEL BASTASCH New York Magazine writer David Wallace-Wells is out with another alarmist warning about what a warmer future might hold for humanity — death from air pollution on the scale of 25 Holocausts. Wallace-Wells’ article has made the rounds on the web for its pessimism about the Paris climate accord. The author said “Paris is […]

Schwarzenegger’s dangerous climate change witch hunt

By Justin Haskins Arnold Schwarzenegger is on a mission to destroy America’s energy companies, but in the end, we’ll all suffer if he’s successful. In a recent interview with Politico’s “Off Message” podcast, Schwarzenegger — the former Republican governor of California and movie action hero — revealed that he’s working on a plan to sue energy companies for […]