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Delingpole: Mike Pompeo is a Climate Change Skeptic and an Energy Realist

by JAMES DELINGPOLE13 Mar 2018640 Trump’s prospective new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a drastic improvement on his predecessor. For a start, being a skeptic, Pompeo is far less likely to undermine his president’s position on energy and climate change. You get a good idea of Pompeo the man, his style, and his principles from […]

On Climate Change, Please Address the Science, Not the Politics

BY DR. TIM BALL AND TOM HARRIS MARCH 15, 2018 CHAT 7 COMMENTS Colonialism wagon at the People’s Climate March. Image Credit: Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media. The climate debate is one of the most important discussions in the world today. At stake are billions of dollars, millions of jobs, and — if people like Canadian environmental activist Dr. David […]

Cal Thomas reviews book: ‘A point-by-point take-down of the predictions of disaster made by the climate change movement’ – The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change: By Cal Thomas – – Wednesday, March 14, 2018 ANALYSIS/OPINION: Since the beginning of recorded history there have been end-of-the-world predictions. In recent years we have had radio preachers, politicians and scientists declare with certainty that the world would soon end, either because of our decadent lifestyle, or because of “global warming,” now known as “climate […]