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Predict both outcomes & you are never wrong! Climate studies predict LESS & MORE lightning strikes

New study: UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH: Lightning storms less likely in a warming planet & Via: Lightning strikes could drop by 15% as climate change causes global temperatures to soar by 5°C in 2100 February 12, 2018 Scientists looked at the movement of ice particles that form within clouds  Electrical charges build up in these particles and are discharged […]

Matt Ridley: Britain Needs To Embrace The Shale Revolution

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are the biggest energy breakthrough of the century. Gas will start flowing from Cuadrilla’s two shale exploration wells in Lancashire this year. Preliminary analysis of the site is “very encouraging”, bearing out the British Geological Survey’s analysis that the Bowland Shale beneath northern England holds one of the richest gas […]

Analysis: The Nazi Roots Of The Global Warming Scare

By KERRY JACKSON 2:33 PM ET Generally speaking, the first person in a debate who compares their opponent to Hitler or the Nazis at that moment loses the argument. When the Third Reich is invoked, it’s usually clear evidence that that person’s position is so weak that they have had to resort to a gross […]

Environmental wackos mix it up with each other

By Monica Showalter Global warming, it seems, is not so “settled” a science. And as more and more facts come out debunking its claims altogether, exposing the green emperor’s new clothes, the lefties who perpetrated the baloney are starting to feel the pinch – and brawl with each other. That’s the take from Mike Allen’s Axios, […]

Cancel the famine alarm! Temperature resilient crops now an ‘achievable dream’

Anthony Watts / 23 hours ago February 12, 2018 One of the most common disaster scenarios that have been pushed by climate alarmists is a reduction in crop yields and/or outright crop failure in the future. Now, it seems that won’t be something they’ll have to worry about. Of course, we haven’t been worried about it so far, because crop yields have been […]

The Epic Failure Of Glacier-Melt, Sea Level Rise Alarmism Continues To Bespoil Climate Science

By Kenneth Richard on 12. February 2018  A Disgraceful Chasm Between Real-World Observations & Climate Science Reporting Injecting frightening scenarios into climate science reporting  has seemingly become a requisite for publication. In a new Nature Geoscience editorial, a common scare tactic is utilized by the (unidentified) author so as to grab readers’ attention. Nature Geoscience, 2018 The East Antarctic ice […]