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Trump Delivered The First SOTU In 8 Years To Not Mention ‘Global Warming’ By MICHAEL BASTASCH While President Donald Trump touted policies to make the U.S. into an energy superpower, his first State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress left out a hallmark of Obama-era speeches. Trump’s address is the first in eight years to not refer to manmade global warming — nine years if you […]

Trump: ‘We have ended the war on American energy’

BY TIMOTHY CAMA – 01/30/18 09:39 PM EST 166 Pres. Trump: “We have ended the war on American energy—and we have ended on beautiful, clean coal.” — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) January 31, 2018 President Trump boasted about his aggressive environmental deregulatory agenda Tuesday, saying he’s put an end to the “war” on American energy and coal. “We have ended the […]