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Study claims: Earth will become a DESERT by 2050 if global warming isn’t stopped

The globe is set to start drying out dramatically if global warming isn’t stopped. That’s the message from a new environmental study published by the journal Nature Climate Change . Over 25% of Earth will start experiencing the effects of “aridificaiton” by the year 2050 if humans don’t meet the changes proposed by the Paris climate agreement . The study claims […]

CLAIM: ‘Climate Change May Have Helped Spark Iran’s Protests’

By Scott Waldman, ClimateWire The impacts of climate change are among the environmental challenges facing Iran that helped spark protests in dozens of cities across the Islamic republic. At least 20 people have died in the uprising, driven by the sudden collapse of financial institutions, low wages and mistrust of national leaders. Rising temperatures are […]

WaPo: ‘Climate change is turning 99% of these baby sea turtles female’

By Ben Guarino Green sea turtles do not develop into males or females due to sex chromosomes, like humans and most other mammals do. Instead, the temperature outside a turtle egg influences the sex of the growing embryo. And this unusual biological quirk, scientists say, endangers their future in a warmer world. Already, some sea turtle populations are so skewed by heat that […]

CLAIM: Scientists Can Now Blame Individual Natural Disasters on Climate Change

By Chelsea Harvey, ClimateWire on January 2, 2018 As floodwaters from the swollen River Thames crept closer to the walls of Myles Allen’s south Oxford home in the United Kingdom, he was thinking about climate change—and if scientists could figure out if it was affecting the climbing water outside. It was January 2003, and as Allen—a climate expert at […]