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‘Prosecute Slimate Clientists for False Statements and Defrauding the Public’ 

Prosecute Slimate Clientists for False Statements and Defrauding the Public

The above graphic comes from an article written back in 2001. In the article, it clearly identifies that 1) James Hansen testified before Congress and 2) James Hansen made provable material false statements. 30 years after the 1988 interview, the far upper end or the range of “expert” Hansen’s range, not a single prediction is even is even remotely close to being reached. To be fair, he may technically have until the end of 2019, but none of the trends are headed in the right direction. New York is rated one of the Safest Big Cities in the USA. There is no water shortage in NYC, or anywhere in the USA for that matter. Even the drought in California has ended. Temperatures have been flat over the past 30 years, and current temperatures are BELOW the level of January 1988, and way below the peak of 1998. From the chart it is evident that atmospheric temperatures follow El Niño and La Ni˜a, not CO2. New York, where the interview was held, just missed the COLDEST New Year’s Eve in over 100 years by 2°C. It was the coldest since 1962. Battery Park Sea Level Trend remains unaltered for over 150 years. There is ZERO evidence of sea level acceleration in New York City. Other claims Jim Hansen made about the Arctic Sea Ice failed…miserably as well. Al Gore’s movie is so full of errors that the UK ruled it a “Political Film.” “Political Film” is a euphemism for propaganda. The “Green House” effect James Hansen testified about has been grossly exaggerated and misrepresented by the climate alarmists. CO2 is far from being the villain that it is portrayed to be, and H20’s effect dominates the climate system. Waste in the “Green Economy” programs is rampant. The results of this “Green Spending” are abysmal. The “Green Solutions” are ridiculous and counterproductive. Having a Ph.D. and fancy title to mask a political agenda doesn’t grant someone the right to defraud the public, and misallocate precious public resources. UK Judges have already found “An Inconvenient Truth” to be propaganda. Just because the political left has the will and ability to manufacture an elaborate hoax designed to misallocate public resources in their favor, doesn’t mean that America should allow them to get away with it. Dr. Judith Curry has worked tirelessly to expose the undeniable fact as proven by Jim Hanson’s unbroken record of failed predictions, that slimate clientists speak with a certainty that is completely unjustified by the real science backing our understanding of the climate. While I would never support Orwellian Policies that would inhibit real scientists from speaking the truth, even if they are proven to later be wrong. That is the very nature of science. You make the best guess based on the knowledge, data, and understanding at the time. As new information is discovered, the conclusions often do and should change. If new data is discovered that allows the rejection of the status quo through the scientific method, then that is the proper application of real science. Science is the unbiased search for the truth, not the biased search for arguments to support a political agenda. That, however, doesn’t happen in slimate clience. With slimate clience, data and evidence that works to reject the CO2 based AGW theory are often ignored, discounted, censored or worse, the scientists themselves are attacked. The fact that all of the IPCC Climate Models have failed and all overestimated global temperatures and all overestimated the relationship between temperature and CO2 is scientific proof that slimate clience isn’t a science at all, it is simply a clever attempt to mask a political agenda as science. The facts are that slimate clientists have made provably false statements to Congress, produced “documentaries” that were found to be propaganda, manipulated data, quantified those lies in computer models, and those models provide undeniable evidence of bias, incompetence, scientific malpractice, and a defining moral bankruptcy and pervasive violation of scientific ethics on a biblical scale. The absurdity that a group of “expert” slimate clientists can reach a 95% confidence level of certainty, based upon computer models that reject the theory at a 95% confidence level proves scientifically that this isn’t a real science. If something is understood, it can be modeled. The IPCC models prove at the 95% confidence level that the existing CO2 AGW theory is rejected when the scientific method is applied. The very fact that ALL of the models failed proves a universal bias that infests almost the entire field of slimate clience, and certainly 100% of the IPCC hand-picked “experts.” With the globe likely headed for a cooling phase, and the focus on warming leaving society unprepared for the real threat of cooling, it is time for America and the World to start holding our leaders accountable and remove politics from science. Just as the Iranians appear to have reached the “tipping point” and are no longer willing to accept lies and corruption from their leaders, it is the time for the rest of the world to join them and demand the lies and corruption be driven out of the politics of slimate clience. There are simply far far far more pressing and real problems for our public money to be spent on. Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment. To Share, simply click a button below. Be sure to share on facebook to “trigger” some alarmists.

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