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Simple Math: US CO2 Emissions Irrelevant to Climate

Simple Math: US CO2 Emissions Irrelevant to Climate Proof that a carbon tax would accomplish nothing. Here’s the analysis from a 2012 column of mine in the Washington Times. ### Carbon taxes won’t save the planet Global warming is excuse for economy grab By Steve Milloy November 16, 2012, The Washington Times Global-warming alarmists are hoping […]

Deep Freeze Ends a Dreadful 2017 for Climate Activists

By Julie Kelly| December 30, 2017 It’s been a bad year for global warming propagandists, but fear not: Here comes a polar vortex to make it worse for them. The unrelenting Arctic blast arrived on Christmas Eve and it remains the holiday houseguest from Hell that won’t leave: Record-breaking cold and snowfall are tormenting the eastern half of the […]

Hollywood pushes ‘global warming’ films – Movies flop

By Christian Toto – Special to The Washington Times – – Thursday, December 28, 2017 Climate change got its close-up in 2017. A gaggle of films either name-checked Al Gore’s biggest fear or built their narratives around it. The timing, in theory, couldn’t be better for Hollywood bean counters: Three major hurricanes. Massive fires in the West. […]