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Watch: Morano on Fox News on media’s false spin about removing White House tree


Marc Morano Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Risk and Reward’ To Discuss Newsweek, White House Cutting Tree – Broadcast December 27, 2017 


Adam: I probably heard about this, Newsweek, Slate and CNN are coming under fire for what could be considered misleading headlines of Melania Trump accusing her of chopping down an historic White House tree. Newsweek says Melania removes nearly 200-year-old tree from White House. CNN boasting, you know, in CNN’s defense and it’s not my job to defend them. They pointed out the national arboretum recommended to take this thing down. That aside, billionaire Barry Diller owns 50% of news week, it closed slightly up. Not bad for a magazine. Time Warner, owner of CNN, closed in the red. founder Marc Morano says the media is eager to paint trump’s people as evil and anti-environmental capitalists and should be pointed out the national arboretum, arborists or tree experts recommended this 200-year-old tree planted by Andrew Jackson the president, in 1835 was dangerous and should have fallen down years ago and first lady Melania trump agreed the dangerous portion would be cut down. Where did “Newsweek” get it wrong?

Morano: They went for anti-Trump click bait, and Melania Trump, the evil wife of president Trump are anti-tree and destroying not only trees but our historical heritage at the White House. And the story had no foundation as you mentioned. In 1970 into the 80s this tree had been on life support. This is a report out saying it’s become a danger, not sustainable and even now the reports are they’re removing the tree at the recommendation of the federal agency but the tree is still going to have a portion retained at the insistence of Melania Trump. The headline in “Newsweek” if you want to be accurate is Melania Trump saves tree despite the advice of the federal agency in charge of it. So she’s a tree saver.

Adam: Nah! That’s no fun. That’s no fun for a headline or click bait as you said, it was specialists from the national arboretum which concluded the architect, and you are structure of the tree is compromised. The tree is dependent, it’s got rods on it. If it wasn’t for the extensive cabling system, it would have fallen years ago, shouldn’t the blame, I’m reluctant to say blame the national arboretum, the darn thing is a safety hazard, it should come down?

Morano: This is where they have the Easter egg roll it’s prominent in the background next to it. It has been a problem for years, finally doing something, they’re going to preserve part of it. In addition to that, they have saplings that are ten feet high, if they completely remove it, they are prepared to put in offspring to replace it. They are following all the recommendations but can’t avoid the negative press. Remember “Newsweek” in 2010 sold for $1. “Newsweek” showing it’s not worth the dollar it sold for. The debt-ridden Newsweek seven years ago.

Adam: I won’t make a judgment about Newsweek’s qualifications. Let me point this out. First lady’s spokesperson said they made sure every effort had been made to preserve the historic tree, visiting members of the press, we go back there for events, were of concern. I’ve also been a reporter on the receiving end of a call from the press office saying that was wrong, you can please correct that or, I’m sure some of the people who wrote the headlines or articles got the phone calls, don’t you think?

Morano: It’s so bad Chelsea Clinton is praising Melania Trump going against the recommendations and preserving part of the tree. They’re going to keep it on life support. You have a Clinton thanking the Trump White House. Media is an outlier here.


Adam: It’s kind of like you just don’t make fun of first ladies or the children of presidents and first ladies, you don’t win when you do it, I think that should be a rule unless those people do crazy things which clearly this was not. Marc, I’ve been wishing everyone a happy new year, I’m going to say
[speaking Spanish] Spanish for happy new year or prosperous new year. Thank you very much, Marc.