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Former NASA GISS Scientist: Angie, Clever Hans, Pope Frank, and a Climate-Controlled World

By Dr. Duane Thresher

At one point in her political rise, Angie became Minister for the Environment. Here she learned the power that can be had by pretending to protect the world from global warming (just another protection racket). As Senator Ted Cruz says, global warming is all about political power:

“[Global warming is] about power and money. At the end of the day, it’s not complicated. This is liberal politicians who want government power.”

and also from that NPR interview:

“Climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory for a big government politician who wants more power. Why? Because it is a theory that can never be disproven.”

Does Angie really care about global warming hurting people? Like most of the leaders destroying Europe these days, Angie doesn’t have any of her biologically-own kids so no real reason to care about the future but is always accusing climate change deniers (global warming skeptics) of not caring about their kids.

The rest of this article is about people who also know the political power of global warming as a protection racket and are working with Angie on using it that way.

We’ve written about German “climatologist” Stefan Rahmstorf, his Gestapo tactics, and his AGU climate communication prize for these tactics in Heil Klimafuehrer Rahmstorf! and AGU’s “Climate Change: Believe It Or Else” Prize. Rahmstorf is at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK; in naming it they already assumed their scientific results).

Full disclosure: Dr. Claudia Kubatzki worked for 8 years at PIK with Rahmstorf and is coauthor on several papers with him.

Rahmstorf is merely Hans Schellnhuber’s attack dog. Hans Schellnhuber is the creator and head of PIK. He is a physicist, another who carpetbagged it into climate science; in his case not just for the money but also for the power, as you’ll see.

Full disclosure: Dr. Claudia Kubatzki worked for 8 years at PIK with Hans Schellnhuber. She was also unfortunate enough to live in an apartment next to the young woman old Schellnhuber took up with just after his first wife died. To this day, Kubatzki can’t bear to remember the disgusting sounds of Schellnhuber having sex.

We are going to call Hans Schellnhuber “Clever Hans”, also a German horse that did arithmetic, because Schellnhuber is too hard to say. Clever Hans is a member, and has often been head, of the German Advisory Council on Global Change, which directly advises Chancellor Angie on global warming (he was also her advisor when she was Minister of the Environment).

Clever Hans, an outspoken atheist, is also in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which directly advises Pope Francis on global warming. Pope Frank has been an outspoken climate change warrior and has condemned and demonized climate change deniers. As our motto indicates though, we agree with Pope Frank that global warming is a religious subject.Senator Ted Cruz agrees as well:

“Look in the world of global warming. What is the language they use? They call anyone who questions the science — who even points to the satellite data — they call you a, quote, ‘denier’. Denier is not the language of science. Denier is the language of religion. It is heretic. You are a blasphemer. It’s treated as a theology.”

(If we were Catholics we would already be excommunicated by Pope Frank, after an Inquisition of course. However, the scientific consensus is that there is no God, so climate change warriors don’t get to use him to bolster their weak case. And how many times do popes have to be wrong about science before they learn to shut up about it? Rest In Peace Galileo, heretic of scientific consensus, geocentric denier.)

So here’s the cabal shocker: Clever Hans has advocated for a world government where climate change warrior “scientists” decide what must be done to protect the world from global warming and the world government forces the world to do what the “scientists” say. Angie and Pope Frank have implied their support for this.

We get in trouble when we use Nazi references, like Hitler, but c’mon, Clever Hans is a German who is planning world domination. You can’t expect us not to make the comparison. And with a Pope involved we also can’t help but mention Hitler’s Pope, Pope Pius XII.

There is also another connection between Angie and Pope Frank. As we wrote about in Heil Klimafuehrer Rahmstorf!, the last German Federal Minister of Education and Research (which includes climate), Annette Schavan, a close personal friend of Angie’s, was found to have plagiarized her dissertation and so lost her PhD and her job. Angie then made Annette the German Ambassador to the Holy See. Make your own jokes here.