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Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

by JAMES DELINGPOLE6 Dec 20173558 Alarmist scientists have been caught red-handed tampering with raw data in order to exaggerate sea level rise. The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges – Aden, Karachi and Mumbai – showed that local sea level trends in the last 140 years had been very gently rising, neutral or negative (ie sea levels had […]

2 New Papers: 92% Of Polar Bear Subpopulations Stable, Increasing – Inuit Observe ‘Too Many Polar Bears Now’ By Kenneth Richard on 7. December 2017 Inuit: Bears ‘Catch Seals Even If The Ice Is Really Thin’ Scientists: ‘Unlikely Polar Bears Are At Risk From AGW’ Image source: York et al., 2016, Journal of Ecology and Evolution. Most of the world’s polar bears live in Canada.  Hunters and elders from northern Canada’s native communities have been immersed in […]