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Watch: Morano on Fox on Trump fixing ‘Monumental abuse’ of federal land takeovers

Broadcast December 5, 2017 – Marc Morano Appears on Fox Business Network’s ‘Risk and Reward’ To Discuss National Monuments Issue – Fox Business Network FBN – Risk and Reward – Host: Deirdre Bolton – Liz MacDonald
Liz MacDonald: Patagonia announcing this suing President Trump for reducing size of two national monument in Utah, White House said it is handing control of this federal land back to states like Utah. Patagonia accusing the president of stealing the land. Let’s bring in Climate Depot founder Marc Morano. You say patagonia, they don’t know what they are talking about.
Marc Morano: The president is actually returning the land. This is the same as getting a tax cut or refund, and claiming that government is confiscating your money. President Trump is returning land the size of Delaware and Rhode Island to the state of Utah, and other places. He is returning the land to local communities, where Indian tribes can now have access to the land that was blocked to them. He is returning it to the people, and righting constitutional wrongs. No president has constitutional authority under the National Wilderness Act to — by executive fiat — create the national monuments, these monuments were created by bypassing of Congress. Now, Utah will be able to make these decisions and land is being restored and returned. The reality is the opposite of this marketing campaign.
Liz MacDonald: To your point I think that president Clinton and Obama, expanded the size of these monument, what is it? Grazing, ranking, fishing, people don’t want polluting and oil drilling.
Morano: That is where it comes back to Utah people want, local people in Utah, can make these decisions. Typically it is grazing and commercial fishing and other activity, there might be some mineral rights. In 1996, when President Clinton designated these monuments,  there were allegations and Congressional Republicans wrote a letter pointing out that Clinton was doing a quid pro quo to lock up clean burning coal. And in terms of natural use, these parks and the land — are not going anywhere. It will be more accessible to public. Instead of separating the lands from the public, President Trump’s actions make the land more access — accessible to the tribal leaders. They are very happy about this, they can go on the land now.
Liz MacDonald: He is adding three new monuments.
Morano: That is the thing, whey they are trying to do is have a balance between state and federal government, everyone looks at what Teddy Roosevelt started with national parks and national monuments, but there is such a thing as federal overreach. In this instance, the creation of these parks was monumental abuse. President Trump is restoring sanity to these lands. They are not going anywhere. They are just shifting control, I am happier with Utah in control of the land than I am with the federal bureaucracy.
Liz MacDonald: Marc Morano, we love having you on. Come back soon.
Morano: Thanks Liz.
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