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U.S. Justice Department In Talks With Climate Scientists For Climate Court Battle

U.S. Justice Department In Talks With Climate Scientists For Climate Court Battle Justice Department lawyers are quietly courting climate scientists for a simmering legal fight that could have massive implications for government global warming policies. In recent months, Department of Justice officials have met with Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist in the Department of […]

Claim: Hot Days Permanently Damage Babies

Claim: Hot Days Permanently Damage Babies Guest essay by Eric Worrall A new study claims exposure during early childhood to temperatures above 90F (32C) permanently damages the child’s earning potential. Climate Change Might Lower Salaries The more 90-degree days a fetus or infant endured, the lower his or her earnings in adulthood. OLGA KHAZAN […]

mStudy: Climate Change Might Lower Salaries  Even if countries take moderate action on climate change, by the end of this century, Phoenix is expected to have an extra month of days above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while Washington, D.C., is expected to have another three weeks of these sweltering days, as the Climate Impact Lab and New York Timesreported. A new study suggests that even […]

Watch: Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality is on live Thanks to climate advocates like you, 24 Hours of Reality: Be the Voice of Reality is here. I want to personally invite you to watch live now as we broadcast from across the globe and speak up as one planet. After a year of devastating hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other extreme weather, the reality we now face […]

Red Team/Blue Team Review to Start Soon

Alan Carlin | December 2, 2017 Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, stated at a conference sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundations on November 30 in Washington that he had talked to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt last week. Pruitt, he said, told him that the red team/blue team review that Pruitt has been proposing […]

UN Climate Talks Wracked By Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

By EMILY ZANOTTI December 4, 2017 Several women, who served on the United Nation’s environmental task forces — specifically those in charge of spearheading climate change negotiations — say they were the victims of sexual harassment that went on for years, even at the highest levels of the U.N.’s environmental operation. Speaking to Climate Change News on […]


Date: 02/12/17 Spencer P Morrison, National Economics Editorial Not only does the logic show that carbon taxes in the West will invariably increase global CO2 emissions, but so does the empirical evidence. Largest interregional fluxes of emissions embodied in trade (Mt CO2 y−1) from dominant net exporting countries (blue) to the dominant net importing countries […]


Date: 04/12/17 Ron Clutz, Science Matters Latest observations show that Arctic sea ice extent has not declined in the last decade Given the fluctuations in daily sea ice measurements, climatology typically relies on monthly averages. November daily extents are now fully reported and the 2017 November monthly results can be compared with years of the […]