Pompeo, Koch ally and Paris climate critic, tipped as US secretary of state

  Published on 30/11/2017, 5:15pm Rex Tillerson is headed for the exit, according to reports, to be replaced by a vocal opponent of climate action Mike Pompeo (Pic: Gage Skidmore) By Megan Darby The Trump administration is poised to replace Rex Tillerson as the US’ top diplomat with Mike Pompeo, the New York Times reported on Thursday. That would see a former […]

Even Warmist Fed Climate Report Reveals Extreme Weather Declining/No Trends

Via: https://theclimatefix.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/pielke-on-climate-7/ NOVEMBER 16, 2017 ~ ROGERPIELKEJR The above images on hurricanes come via hurricane researcher @philklotzbach. The top graph shows US hurricane landfalls from 1878 to 2017 (through today). Within that data the trend is down and if you’d like to consider the data as a sample from a larger population, there is no trend. Either way you […]

Analysis: Four big problems with a carbon tax

By Amy Harder In the movie The Secret Life of Pets, there’s a part where two dogs are in dire straits, running away from a pack of angry dogs and lost in New York City’s sewage pipes. One dog says to the other, “We’ve got a problem.” The other responds: “We have so many problems. Which […]

2017 Global Hurricane Activity Almost 20% Below Normal …Southern Hemisphere Near Record Low

Via: http://notrickszone.com/2017/11/26/2017-global-cyclone-energy-almost-20-below-normal-southern-hemisphere-near-record-low By P Gosselin on 26. November 2017 A look at Dr. Ryan Maue’s site here tells us a lot about how 2017 cyclone activity is doing as the Atlantic hurricane season winds down. In September the Atlantic indeed saw some powerful hurricanes, such as Harvey, Irma and Maria, which led the media into a fit of Armageddon hysteria and […]

Have Students Become Bored with Climate Activism?

Have Students Become Bored with Climate Activism? http://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/11/30/have-students-become-bored-with-climate-activism/ Guest essay by Eric Worrall An attendee at the Harvard University event “Hope and Despair: Communicating an Uncertain Future” expressed concern about how few undergrads bothered to attend their climate doomsday event. Climate Change Panel Talks ‘Hope and Despair’ By YASMIN LUTHRA and AIDAN F. RYAN, CONTRIBUTING […]

2 More New Papers Affirm There Is More Arctic Ice Coverage Today Than During The 1400s

2 More New Papers Affirm There Is More Arctic Ice Coverage Today Than During The 1400s http://notrickszone.com/2017/11/30/2-more-new-papers-affirm-there-is-more-arctic-ice-coverage-today-than-during-the-1400s/  A Shrinking Anthropogenic Signal Continues To Emerge In The Arctic Earlier this year, Stein et al., 2017 published a reconstruction of Arctic sea ice variations throughout the Holocene that appeared to establish that there is more Arctic sea […]