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Trump To Sign Defense Bill Calling Climate Change A National Security Threat

JONAH BENNETT National Security/Politics Reporter 5:51 PM 11/22/2017 11 President Donald Trump is expected to sign the annual defense budget bill, that calls climate change a threat to national security. The National Defense Authorization Act states that climate change is a threat to the Pentagon’s 128 military bases, and now Trump is expected to sign […]

Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out,’ Retired NASA Physicist Says By Kevin Mooney HOUSTON—Unvalidated climate models that don’t correspond with physical data and the requirements of the scientific method contribute to unfounded climate alarmism, a retired NASA physicist said at the Heartland Institute’s recent America First Energy Conference. Since America’s national security depends in part on energy security, unsubstantiated claims about global warming that prevent […]

Climate Statistician: Don’t confuse science with modeling – It’s Kathleen Hartnett White, not Ed Markey, Who’s Right on Climate Models

Special To Climate Depot It’s Kathleen Hartnett White, not Ed Markey, Who’s Right on Climate Models By Caleb Rossiter (Caleb Rossiter is a former congressional staffer on foreign policy and a former professor at American University.  He is now an adjunct professorial lecturer in the university’s School of International Service as well as in its […]

Scientists Say Earth Is Doomed Without ‘Urgent’ Action — Just Like They Did 25 Years Ago

Via: 11/14/2017 Reprints Environment: This week, thousands of scientists issued a bleak and terrifying “second notice” to mankind about how we will destroy the planet unless we take “urgent” action. If this warning is as reliable as the first notice these scientists issued in 1992, we have nothing to worry about. Autoplay: On | OffIn an article published in […]


Via: *IMPRESSIVE COLD CONTINUES ON GREENLAND WITH HIGH SNOW/ICE BUILDUP… SIGNIFICANT GROWTH IN THE PETERMANN GLACIER DURING THE LAST FIVE YEARS* By Meteorologist Paul Dorian – Vencore, Inc. –    Growth of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier during the past five years as revealed by NASA/MODIS satellite imagery from a low point in August 2012 (left) to August 2017 (right) Overview While we […]

CNBC: ‘Climate deniers’ are plotting Trump’s path to the holy grail of deregulation

Climate change skeptics are methodically erecting a framework to make it easier for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to revoke the agency’s endangerment finding. The 2009 determination says greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare and underpins many Obama-era environmental regulations. Revoking the endangerment finding would make it easier for President Trump to undo his […]

Claim: ‘Global warming’ may be making bearded dragons ‘less intelligent’ says peer-reviewed study

Via: November 22, 2017 by Bob Yirka (—A team of researchers affiliated with the University of Lincoln in the U.K. has found evidence suggesting that as the planet heats up due to global warming, the bearded dragon may become less intelligent. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the group describes exposing […]

Signs Show Planet Entering A New Dalton Minimum…Solar Cycle 24 Continues To Be Weakest In 200 Years

Via: Signs Show Planet Entering A New Dalton Minimum…Solar Cycle 24 Continues To Be Weakest In 200 Years! By P Gosselin on 22. November 2017 Global surface temperatures have been falling steadily since the last El Nino, glacier melt has been decelerating rapidly and Arctic sea ice has been making a surprising recovery this year. Moreover, the equatorial Pacific […]

The Atlantic: ‘Global Warming Might Be Especially Dangerous for Pregnant Women’ – ‘Heat waves could be linked to more premature births &  stillbirths’ Blend Images / Peathegee Inc / Getty ELLIE KINCAID NOV 21, 2017    HEALTH Share     Tweet   LinkedIn Email Print TEXT SIZE Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. At 12:13 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on September 1, 2017, the San Francisco Bay Area National Weather Service office […]