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Watch: UN ‘Centralized transformation’ – Fox News features Morano’s interview w/ fmr. UN climate chief

Special Report – Fox News Broadcast – November 15, 2017

Doug McKelway segment

Bret Baier: The U.S. Is taking heavy criticism over President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. World leaders are in Germany participating in the latest round of talks as they seek a way forward without American help. Doug McKelway has latest.
>> Marc Morano: What about people who are afraid the U.N. Is going to be the climate central power?
Christianna Figueres: [Laughter] That is real humor.

>> McKelway: Inside the climate summit, though former chief laughed off the words she spoke in 2012 when she said a centralized transformation is taking place.

The Trump Administration plan to withdraw from the Paris climate record ended the prediction and mother nature ruined another. The arctic ocean remains mostly ice covered. Despite what nasa warned ten years ago. ” The reception given to the trump Administration delegation where the U.N. Is hammering out details of the Paris accord. Protesters interrupted the American delegation, working the words of the song. A gentler scolding from Jay inslee among several governors who planned to support the accord.
>> Donald Trump cannot stop us. This is the most important thing we wanted the world to know.
>> One headline, scientists are anticipating a 2% rise in global emissions for 2017.
>> Driven primarily by what’s happening in China with the renewed use of coal.
>> It remains in question is whether higher CO2 levels are as bad as some say.
>> Steve Milloy – Warming could be a benefit. We know more CO2 in the atmosphere is going to green the planet. We need the greening to feed the planet.
>> One American energy executive infuriated participants when he said it’s naive to suggest poor countries can escape poverty through wind and solar.
>> Bret: Thank you.


Full Morano interview with Figueres: 

Exclusive Video: Fmr. UN Climate Chief tries to laugh off her call for UN ‘centralized transformation’

BONN, Germany — Climate Depot’s Marc Morano conducted an exclusive sidewalk interview with former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres as she was getting into a taxi during the UN climate summit in Bonn Germany on November 13, 2017.
Morano asked her about her message to President Trump and her own calls for a UN “centralized transformation” that “is going to make life of everyone on the planet very different.”

Morano to Figueres: “What about [your call for UN] “centralized transformation.” What about people who might be afraid the UN is essentially going to be a climate central power?

Figueres: (Laughs loudly)

Morano: That is your response?

Figueres: Now that is real humor. (Continues laughing as she ends interview and gets in waiting taxi.)

See: Flashback: UN climate chief Christiana Figueres seeks ‘centralized transformation’ that is ‘going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different’ – ‘The Industrial Revolution was also a transformation, but it wasn’t a guided transformation from a centralized policy perspective. This is a centralized transformation that is taking place because governments have decided that they need to listen to science. So it’s a very, very different transformation and one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different’